Bamboo Worms

Edible Bamboo Worms (bicho de tacuara) tasty high in protein and fiber larvae insect snack...

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Edible Bamboo Worms (bicho de tacuara)


Bamboo Worms (bicho de tacuara) are a tasty insect larvae snack which is high in protein, fiber and low in fat. They are one of the most common edible insects in Thailand and are enjoyed by people nationwide. The taste and texture is similar to corn puff snacks, however bamboo worms are more nutritious and better for you. Bamboo worms are the larvae of moths which feed on flowering bamboo trees. They were originally collected from the trees but are now raised at commercial farms and fed on the same diet including organic vegetables and grains. When ready the worms are quick frozen, shallow fried and flavoured. Uncooked worms are said to be mildly hallucinogenic.


Ingredients: Bamboo Worms, Vegetable oil, Natural Flavouring, Salt

  • Width (cm): 8
  • Weight (kg): 0.025
  • Height (cm): 13